Purpose driven hardware.

Do you know how much the wrong hardware is costing your business?

When your hardware and processes are not aligned for your brand, the effects are felt company wide down to the consumer. Lack of quality control procedures and long lead times lead to high failure rates and missed brand opportunities, all of which stem from the oversaturated network of distributors.  Take ownership of your supply chain by partnering with BeGreen Supply and give your team the tools they need to deliver consistent and reliable custom branded solutions. 

Custom engineered solutions that are competitive with off-the-shelf pricing

Quality control and processes supported by direct manufacturing

Repeatable order management and scalable warehousing

Custom branded vape hardware and packaging delivered in 30 days or less.

The right hardware. The right reasons.


Control your operation with threaded tips including ceramic and wood


Protect your product with tamper resistant press-fit tips


Innovative bezel thread for added strength


No more arbor press with tamper resistant click-by-hand cartridges

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