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Branded Batteries


Infinite Customization

Neither you, nor our design team want to just slap a logo on the battery. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to deliver exactly what that want. 

The gif shown here displays an intricate pattern that many printers could not handle.  Translating to battery itself was the bigger challenge. The design team worked with the client and factory directly to translate the vision without compromising on quality or cost. 


Our button activated 400 mAh BA4 batteries provide a consistent experience with preheating function. Variable voltage is a standard option in our BA4 battery. 

Various material & finish options

Pantone matched printing

Custom voltage programs

Button Engraving

Branded packaging

MOQ : 10,000

Not Just Pens

For unique 510 batteries, check out our HUM and HUM2. 


With an unprecedented battery life and optional haptic feedback, the trusted HUM battery can be fully customized to showcase your brand. Available in single (650 mAh) and double (550 mAh) port designs.

Various material & finish options

Pantone matched anodized aluminum & custom materials

Branded packaging

Engraving MOQ : 500

Full Custom MOQ:1000


510 might not be for you. If that's that case ask about our all-in-one solutions. Shown here is our patented Endura design.


The Endura All-in-One system provides a sleek, discrete yet bold aesthetic for the discerning consumer while providing a consistent vaping experience. The 12 month life battery activates upon inhalation.

Various material & finish options

Pantone matched printing

Engraving available

Branded packaging

MOQ : 1,000

More Than a Single Product

We have a wide variety of product ready to go. We love to design full product suites to help you launch your brand.

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When we talk about branded hardware we can't leave out cartridges and other all-in-one systems. Every customization component mentioned for batteries still applies here, but it is worth noting our proprietary architectures, and attention to detail, like the order number etching shown here.

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