Your Cannabis Hardware Supply Chain.

BeGreen Supply® was born from roots in supply chain & industrial design. We are here to provide your company with best in class vaporizer and packaging solutions.

With a passion for process and quality, our team helps early stage and mature companies design, build and execute their hardware supply chain with the future in mind. Our founders come with experience in medical device, fitness and multi-billion dollar cpg operations. We are here for you to ensure your brand’s optimal balance of top quality, price and execution.

Our Process is Simple


We take a deep look into your current operation or launch plan to identify areas of improvement in supply chain and systems. Our team and partners assess portions of your business such as packaging, labeling, and software platform integrations.


Following our audit, we deliver a systems level approach SOW providing recommendations for your supply chain including design, procurement, quality control, logistics and planned redundancy to ensure your company is set up for expansion.

Build & Integrate

We build a schedule to support your immediate needs and execute on a full, customized supply chain implementation.


Stand Above the Crowd

We help you design, build, and supply the branding tools necessary to provide your customers with a great experience. Competitive with off-the-shelf pricing, custom engineered solutions are achievable at any scale.

Manufacturing Process and Labor Optimization

Doing More with Less

As a direct manufacturer, BeGreen Supply looks deep into many facets of your organization to ensure your hardware positively impacts your customers, your filling team, and your bottom line. 

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Repeatable order management and scalable warehousing

On Your Schedule

In the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, inventory management should strengthen your product line, not hold it back. Our team of engineering, supply chain, and logistics experts make the complexities of inventory planning a breeze.

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Empowering Your Brand

Custom in 30 Days or Less

Standing out from the crowd goes beyond the packaging and custom hardware is a blank canvas for your brand. Take advantage of new opportunities to continuously innovate across your brand portfolio while giving your customers vaporizer technology they can trust. 

The consumer experience starts with your supply chain.

Our process is simple. Our impact is measurable. Quality problems often originate in the design and manufacturing process and are too often overlooked. With strict quality and control measures, it is critical to look at your organization from all angles, leaving no stone unturned. At BeGreen, we truly believe that your cannabis hardware and software should both complement and strengthen your brand, not get in the way.

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