Click Cannabis Mouth Spray

Device Creation, Packaging Design, Tooling Design, Engineering

Creation of an innovative, sublingual cannabis spray apparatus. Click is a fast-acting, discreet, combustion-free alternative for cannabis consumption.

Industrial Design

BeGreen designed and manufactured a pocketable spray bottle for on-the-go THC consumption. Working closely with the Click team, it was determined that the product needed to be adaptable for every scenario. This device required details including a no-roll shape that is simple yet sophisticated and to be non-obtrusive in a pocket. BeGreen pushed the project team to consider each detail from form to function to production efficiency and retail presence. 

We started by focusing on the interaction a consumer will have with the product. The ‘click’ should be something you can feel or hear. 

From the start, the Click team had expressed how important it was to combine geometric and organic forms. They had also conveyed that a keyring was essential, so we drew inspiration from key fobs, as these are tested and proven to be comfortable in the pocket. We found balance with a triangular prism form. The form is directional, and very naturally allows for a “clicking” locking motion.

This stage focused on detailing the device. Directional features allow for the user to know the position of the spout by sight and touch. We had decided on triangular nodes on the front face to show whether or not the device was locked. These embodiments are conducive to form and were subtle enough to not catch anything in the pocket. Inside of the track that allows for locking we placed bumps so spinning and pushing created both noise and tactile feedback for key positions in the interaction.


Born & Bred x BeGreen Supply

The logo was inspired by the device. The Born and Bred team wanted the logo to correlate directly to the device. They started by looking at the top of the device. Born and Bred then looked into the action of ‘clicking’ along with the front face of the device. From there the full logo was realized. Born and Bred drew on a mixture of geometric and organic physical elements from the device to create a logomark that perfectly embodied the brand.

From the start, Click knew that they wanted 4 effects and flavors for their product. Go, Restore, Chill, and Dream was created to target 4 different desired feelings for the consumer. Born and Bred greeted corresponding color schemes and built the brand around these effects.

For a full view of the branding project visit Born & Bred 


Born & Bred x BeGreen Supply

Born and Bred provided a beautiful packaging system. In transitioning these mockups into manufacturable packaging we had to make some changes to the dielines. At the same time everyone’s least favorite stage, compliance information, was applied. 

Version 01

The final product was a unique experience where the box was torn open to reveal the Click inside the child resistant component. Rather than have the CR component be an obvious compliance piece, this bag became a part of the reward system, and it felt like a gift rather than an obstruction.

Version 02

After the first version of packaging had existed in the retail environment for a period of time, Click wanted some alterations. Firstly, there was a bit of excess space inside of the box, and second, they wanted the box to resemble the device. We worked to create a triangular box that still had the ability to ship flat, in order to keep shipping costs low.

Version 03

As more time went on, Click found complications with the retailer’s positioning of the boxes, placing large labels over the artwork, and attaching embodiments for hanging the boxes. The BeGreen design team created a solution by including a wing to the triangular form to allow for designated secondary label housing, while simultaneously creating a larger shelf presence.

While some retailers were hanging the boxes, many were not, so simply adding a hole through the front of the box would look out of place, and visually cheapen the packaging. The resolution was to add a convertible tab on the rear side of the wing that could be pulled up to expose a hanger.

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